New Moon Manifesting Bundle

What’s in the New Moon Manifesting Bundle?

Manifesting with the Moon Guide
Manifesting with the Moon Guide will teach you how to align with the phases of the moon. Each phases will come with information about the phases, journal prompts and crystals that correlate.

Virtual New Moon Ritual
This 30-minute New Moon Circle video will start with breathwork and meditation. I will go over the importance of the Moon Cycles in Manifesting. I will guide you through Intention Setting. 

New Moon Manifesting Ritual 101
A Guide on how to do a New Moon Manifesting Ritual at home, solo or with friends.  

New Moon Manifesting Journal
A Mini Journal for the New Moon filled with New Moon Journalling Prompts.

New Moon Yoga Video
An all-levels 30 Minute Yin/Yang Practice for the New Moon.  (solar/lunar/fem/masc)

Long-Distance Reiki
You will receive a 20 minute long Distance Reiki Session. This reiki session will focus on clearing stagnant energy and healing your chakras. 15% off additional long-distance Reiki sessions.

 Three Free Bonuses!
Free Bonus: Monthly New Moon Manifesting Mini Journal
Every Month you’ll receive an email with a Free New Moon Journal for the Sign the Moon is in. These journals give you information about the sign the moon is in and related journal prompts.

Free Bonus: Full Moon Meditation
A Full Meditation for Releasing and Letting go. The more space you clear, the more space you have for the things you love and want to invite in.

Free Bonus: Moon Milk Recipe
Golden Ojas Moon Milk Recipe.

Valued at $250 

Pre-Order at HALF THE PRICE: $50 Lifetime Access (Sign up by April 21st)

Normal Price: $100 with lifetime access!

Venmo Preferred.
Venmo: Crystal-Hines-1 (last four digits: 2468)
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