The Ayurvedic Self Care Rituals I Hate

I thought I’d share with you rituals from Ayurveda that I personally hate. They have a plethora of benefits. I just personally think they are straight up annoying. Just because I only practices these sometimes and don’t really like them, doesn’t mean you won’t love them. So I thought I’d still share them, but be honest with you! I hate these rituals. I will say I feel great after doing said rituals especially Neti Pot, but I still dislike the process. Please forgive me for using such a low vibrational words like hate and annoying, but I really don’t like them.


Neti pot isn’t just for when you have colds and sinus issues.
Doing this daily or weekly can help support a healthy upper respiratory system, removes excess mucous, gets rid of dust and other environmental irritations, and clears your head. Sometimes you don’t realize how much better you can breath. Breathing is a huge part of yoga. Pranayama literally means “Life Force.”
Basically, you just fill the neti pot with warm filtered water with some Himalayan salt, tilt your head of a sink, place the nozzle into one nostril and WISH YOU NEVER READ THIS BLOG. Just kidding, I’m still really bad at this ritual so it sucks for me, but maybe you’ll connect to it. Just the thought of the water pouring into one side and coming out of the others makes me shiver as I’m writing this. Enjoy!

WTF is Netra Shuddhi?!

Netra Shuddhi is a fancy word for rinsing the eyes.
Bet you never thought to do that specifically, am I right?!
Facing the face including the eyes is always great, but netra Shuddi is a little different.

To wash eyes (please be make-up free !), fill an eye cup (I use those tiny dressing tubawares TBH.) ½ way full with filtered water(or medicated eye wash,) then the rest with warm water. Bend over and press the cups in your eye sockets, with eyes closed. Then lift your head upward as you tilt your head back. Once tilted back, open your eyes and have the water soak in your eyes for a few moments, blinking a few times. This is nourishing to your eyes as it is antibacterial, it is also stress relieving, and reduces fatigue. 

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Ayurveda is all about Self Care.
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