Ayurvedic Oral Care

WTF Is Tongue Scrapping?!

This is so easy to implement into our morning routines. Hopefully all of you are in the habit of brush your teeth daily. It’s easy to link tongue scrapping to that normalized habit.

So you’d tongue scrap right after brushing your teeth, before drinking water.  The white coating on your tongue is AMA, what ayurveda calls toxic substances. Things that aren’t digested properly become this ama. The white stuff on your tongue is one of the manifestations of ama. That is why you want to tongue scrap before drinking water or eating, you want to get rid of it. Not ingest it. 

Basically, all you do is scrap the tongue from the back to the front.  You should scrapes the entirety of the tongue at least 7-10 times. Rinsing off the ama between scrapes. Doing this will relieve bad breath over time and will increase your ability to taste. It will improve your oral health and your digestive health. Digestion starts in the mouth.

WTF Is Oil Pulling?!

Oil pulling is another practice to reduce the toxins and bacteria in the mouth. Unlike mouthwash that kills all the bacteria in the mouth, both good and bad, oil pulling just reduces the number of bad bacteria and does not eliminate good bacteria. It’s the ancient form of mouthwash. 

Don’t let those that say you must oil pull for 20 minutes stop you from starting this habit. Oil pulling for 2-3 minutes will greatly benefit your mouth and digestive health. You can work your way up to 5, 10 and 20 minutes. Maybe you can just do a 20 minute pull weekly and 2-3 minutes daily.
Life Hack: Feel free to pack your lunch, get your tea or lemon water ready or get dressed while you pull if you’re short on time!

Note: Don’t forget to spit it out in the trash. The oil can mess with your septic system!

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