Podcasts that are amazing AF

I LOVE podcast. I’ll be real with you. I hate reading books. I’m dyslexic and reading is a little more effort than I want to put in. Also, I live in a boston suburb ( shout out to winthrop, mass!) and so… I have to drive or take the subway to get to most places and it’s easiest to listen to an audio book or podcast. Podcasts are free. It’s an easy way to learn and to lift your mood!

Pro Tip: If you don’t have the Libby App or Overdrive app. Go get it!
It links up with your local library card and there’s some dope free audio books!

Highest Self with Sahara Rose

I love ayurveda so naturally I was drawn to Sahara Rose. She makes ayurveda modern and fun and like sooo approachable. Her podcast isn’t only about ayurveda tho. (But lets be real, everything can be linked to ayurveda if you really dig deep into it’s roots. ) Anyway, she has some of the greatest guests, but I love her podcast where it’s just her. Her solo podcast maybe just her speaking but honestly, she’s not just speaking as Sahara, she is channeling. Shes not only chanelling  whatever needs to be said, but really what needs to be heard. It’s like she has a sixth sense into my soul and tells me exactly what I need to hear in the very moment I listen to her podcast.  


I love food. I love eating food. I love looking at food. I love cooking food. I love learning about food. Savor has two kick ass women talking about food history. I’ve learned some cool shit about food on that. There’s so much to learn about the history of food! They make really cool dinner party conversations too. I don’t eat animals, but I live in Boston where lobster ( I mean, lobstah) rolls are everything…Did you know that lobsters used to food for the poor. Like indentured servants would write up in there contracts that their employers weren’t allowed to feed them lobster more than once per week. Now a small lobster roll is like 17 bucks!

Almost 30

When I used to see this podcast come up as suggested, I like barfed in my mouth a little bit. I honestly just thought it was some superficial podcast with probably vapid LA blondes with a pink logo. (I know such negative energy I was putting out, not good.) BUT ITS AMAZING. Once I started looking at the library of topics, I realized these girls get deep. Deep but approachable. They talk about energy, chakras, healing, trauma, manifesting and so much more. The vibe for some reason didn’t come off spiritual, but it is. Super spiritual. Super amazing. Check it the fuck out!

Elevate the Globe

They have a very similar vibe to almost 30. Awesome topics about kundalini yoga, manifesting, chakras and all things spiritual. Law of attraction is strong and it brought me to them. I wanted something more spiritual yet fun and I found it here.

Mind Pump

Okay like they are bro AF. I love it. They are no bullshit. They don’t tell you what you want to hear. They tell it how it is. It’s like they know what you’re googling and telling you that those sponsored links to those detox teas or booty blasting workouts aren’t going to get your results. It’s true. They are so science based. They are also getting more holistic especially Sal (shout out to that hot daddy.)  Honestly, they probably don’t know that much about ayurveda, but they are channeling it through. They realized that every body’s bodies are so different and that there’s such a large mind-body connection to our results and conditions. They are also funny AF, but not always PC >.<

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