Yogi in Tulum Hotel Zone

Tulum Hotel Zone
Yoga. Chilaquiles. Beach. More Yoga. Fancy Dinner. Repeat.

Tulum Beach Zone is definitely the Tulum you see all over instagram. The beautiful shades of blue and toriquese beaches. The just so instragramable swings on the beach. The Yoga Shalas overlooking palm trees and the ocean. The bright colored bars. The hip boho boutiques.

Yoga in Tulum Hotel Zone.
If I had to describe the yoga in this area with one word, it’d be EXPENSIVE. Some 75 minute classes range up to 25 USD. That’s more than I pay in the states. I understand that they are in beautiful Yoga Shalas, but dang! There were donation-based classes I did attend at Alaya.
I also attened a Sound Healing Meditation at Delek that was donation-based and the most beautiful, meditative evening. I did spring to take a 25 USD Aerial Silks Class. It was 2 hours long. I thought It was an Aerial Yoga Class, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was so difficult, but so much fun.

ALAYA YOGA SHALA. Donation-Based Classes!!
This is blurry but I had to sneak in a pic of this cute down doggie!!

Solo practicing at Yoga Shala. They do have multiple daily classes but their 20USD

The lovely Ahau aerial silks artist

A blurry glimpse into the aerial silks class at Ahau

AHAU yoga Shala. Just playing before Aerial Silks.

Met some acro yogis on the beach and they invited me to play! So much fun/ a little scary!
At Delek. Donation-Based!

Food in Tulum Hotel Zone
Rosa Negra. I ate here twice. It’s a little pricey, but the food is amazing. The trumpet mushroom dish is so delicious. The second time I went back was soley for those. The cocktails were good and so were the wine choices. I also had an empanada of corn, cheese and truffle oil. It was super delicious, but decadent and heavy.

Canopia. Delicious.

Mateo’s. Supposed to have a killer sunset vibe, but I didn’t make it out.

Cute Local Cart. Forgot the name but it’s next to Clan Destanido

Guacamole from the cute cart 80 peso!

Tulum beach was pretty. The water was even warmer than Cancun and Isla Mujeres. But just like most of the area, sea weed was quite abundant! I walked most the north 3/4 of the beach and I would say the more north you went, the more seaweed. So maybe use this knowledge for booking hotels.

Okay Tulum is known for it’s yogi hippy vibe…but to be real with you. I thought it was more like super rich trendy boho with a sprinkle of yogi hippy vibe. I don’t mean to hate, but I have to be honest. The boutiques are filled with cute boho looking outfits that will cost you over 100 USD. Maybe I’m just super poor, but when i’m in Mexico, I’m not looking to buy a 100 dollar dress. And like I said, yoga classes are expensive (20USD+), food is moderate to expensive ($5-15USD) and cocktails (10USD). Beer is always cheap tho.

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